Early Autumn - Walden Woods

Early Autumn at the Walden Woods, Walden Pond, New England Fall Colors
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Margaret and I recently visited the New England states to visit old friends, and to visit our daughter, Sabrina, a freshman at Yale. This is a bit flippant, but I follow the KISS rule with all important work. There are too many complicated features on modern cameras. This idea is even more important when capturing what could be a once-in-a-lifetime image. I was at the Walden Woods during the trip, the colors were spectacular, and I had good light. During the last part of the drive, I slipped into a mindful mode, chose what photographic tools to employ, and kept it simple. I wanted the creative, right side of my brain to be in charge. Concord, Massachusetts is an historic location from the Revolutionary War, and I would love to visit the area again. I have been exploring the area three times this year.

Concord, Massachusetts
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Late sunset
October 2014

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