Sunset Glow - South Tufa, Mammoth Lakes Photography, Mammoth Lakes Workshops, Yosemite Photography, Yosemite Workshops
Glacier Point and the Milky Way, Yosemite Photography, Yosemite Workshops, Mammoth Lakes Workshops, Mammoth Lakes Photography
Sunset Tranquility at Big Sur, Big Sur Photography, Big Sur Workshops
Half Dome and the Night Sky, the Milky Way, Yosemite, Night Sky and Yosemite, Half Dome,  Mammoth Lakes Photography, Mammoth Lakes Photography Workshops, Yosemite Photography, Yosemite Photography Workshops
Dusk, Southern California Pier, Manhatten Beach Pier, Pacific Ocean
Early Autumn at the Walden Woods, Walden Pond, New England Fall Colors
Dawn - Bear Creek Spire and Little Lakes Valley, Eastern Sierra, Eastern Sierra Photography, Eastern Sierra Photography Workshops, Mammoth Lakes Photography, Mammoth Lakes Photography Workshops, John Muir Wilderness Photography
North Lake Skyline, Autumn Colors. Eastern Sierra Photography, Eastern Sierra Photography Workshops, Mammoth Lakes Photography, Mammoth Lakes Photography Workshops

We welcome you to explore the world of Vern Clevenger Photography, where each image is a perfect living moment captured and interpreted through a deep understanding that few photographers possess.
Each print is meticulously prepared.
Each purchase is an investment.
For life.


Learn From the Best!

Vern's workshops will take your skills to a new level.  Go to the Workshops page for a full schedule and descriptions of classes, and feedback from previous students.

Sierra Autumn Splendor                             9/29/16 - 10/2/16

Big Sur Majesty                                          3/24/17 - 3/26/17

The Evocative Maine Coast                        10/5/17 - 10/8/17

Sierra Autumn Splendor                            10/12/17 - 10/15/17

Privates, Semi-Privates                                   By Request

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